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Sunday, July 06, 2008


During the weekend I was in Tairua. Tairua is located in Coramandul I went with my mum,my brother,my dog Dixie,and some friends. I stayed with my friend Lilli,her sister Jade and her mum and dad . on the way there I saw cows,horses and sheep on the way back I saw pigs sheep and lots and lots and hundreds of cows.On saturday I went to the hot water beach its a beach that has hot water it may sound weird to you but its AWSOME.On sunday I went to mini golf I am not so good at mini golf well thats not so true I can do good big hits but not so good small hits no wonder I came last even my brother beat me BOO but my mum came last as well because the adults and children played separete games YAY after mini golf me,my brother,my mum ansd dixie my dog went home.lilli and her family are going home today sunday.

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