what season do you like best?

Saturday, November 08, 2008


sorry i havent been lately ive been so busy any way who knows what a ferlumpel is! i dont have to make one for home work i think i might have an idea on what it is but its a secret!
but i think i can trust you!
i think its a imaginative creature so use your imagination if some one asks if you know what it is or wants you to make one!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


its the holidays again remember my last holidays i went to tairua it was really cool!
anyway today im in katikati with my dad and my brother i came here to see my dads aunty after my dads uncle died a few weeks ago his funeral was really sad anyway im having a wonderful time here in katikati and on the way here when we past through paeroa i had my picture taken with the huge bottle of LMP swince LMP is short for lemon and paeroa.
my brother might have his picture taken with the big moa satue here in paeroa since their is a park with heaps of satues in it!
tomorrow im going back home and im staying with my dad till thursday

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

five facts about the takahe

It was thought to be extinct after the last four known specimens were taken in 1898.

after a carefully planned search effort the bird was rediscovered by Geoffrey Orbell near Lake Te Anau in the Murchison Mountains, South Island, on November 20, 1948.

Small numbers have also been successfully translocated to four predator-free offshore islands, Tiritiri Matangi, Kapiti, Maud and Mana, where they be viewed by the public.

The Takahē is the largest living member of the Rallidae

In total there were 225 remaining birds, but in July 2008, a Department of Conservation worker shot one on Mana Island, after mistaking it for a pukeko during a cull.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

club penguin

http://clubpenguin.com/ is the the coolest site ever made i go on it nearly everyday even if it gets boring click above on the link above or the link in my fave sites to go on it

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miss Mcallister

BOOOO! Miss mcallister our student teacher left on friday after passing her test the week before no one wanted her to leave and miss sayers who teaches room 5 left on her O.E which stands for overseas experience. miss mcallister got heaps of presents shes so lucky but we could tell she didnt want to leave.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


During the weekend I was in Tairua. Tairua is located in Coramandul I went with my mum,my brother,my dog Dixie,and some friends. I stayed with my friend Lilli,her sister Jade and her mum and dad . on the way there I saw cows,horses and sheep on the way back I saw pigs sheep and lots and lots and hundreds of cows.On saturday I went to the hot water beach its a beach that has hot water it may sound weird to you but its AWSOME.On sunday I went to mini golf I am not so good at mini golf well thats not so true I can do good big hits but not so good small hits no wonder I came last even my brother beat me BOO but my mum came last as well because the adults and children played separete games YAY after mini golf me,my brother,my mum ansd dixie my dog went home.lilli and her family are going home today sunday.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

st johns training

today at school we had some st johns people come to do some training with us we learned what to do in a emergency,how to wrap spained wrists and ankles in bandanges andwhat to do if a person is unconscuis they also gave us some fresh apples they were really yummy it was so cool having them come I can't wait till next year!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

my fave things+siblings and pets

my favourite things are:

  • riding my bike
  • playing netball
  • watching TV
  • playing on the computer
  • playing playstation
  • drawing
  • writing stories
  • playing the guitar
also I :

  • have 1 brother called tyler and 1 pet dog called dixie

all about me

this post is all about me I have:

1 dog called Dixie

1 brother called tyler

lots of nice friends

and really nice parents